Donor projects

Dear citizens of Cantemir and customers of Apa Canal Cantemir!

As you know, thanks to the European Union and Austria, in recent years the city of Cantemir is in the process of rehabilitating the sewerage and water supply system within the DevRAM project. 10 years ago we benefited from a modernized water supply network, which is being modernized within the DevRAM project. A new sewage system and a new wastewater treatment plant are currently under construction that will ensure the provision of sewage services and improve the quality of life for all, including the impact on the environment, hygiene, health and biodiversity in the city of Cantemir.

In recent years, the water supply system in the city of Cantemir has been damaged and unsafe services in the past have been restored, and now the city of Cantemir has a source of drinking water 24/7. Moreover, as part of the implementation of the project funded by the European Union and the Austrian Development Agency, the raw water pumping station on the Prut River is being rehabilitated and modernized. This will improve the water quality as well as provide the quantity needed for the water treatment plant. The water supply system is further modernized. In parallel, the modernization of the water supply treatment plant will be pursued, allowing sufficient water supply during the summer as well.

Regarding the wastewater, the situation in Cantemir was very bad. The ruins of the old wastewater treatment plant have been inoperative since the 1990s and the sewer system is completely damaged. All wastewater was collected, but remained untreated, leading to a severe ecological risk, contaminating the environment and affecting our health, which meant an additional risk for us. In the current phase of the project, managed by the ADA and funded by the European Union and Austria, the wastewater network is under construction, connecting all the houses currently connected to the old septic tanks. All wastewater will be treated in a modern wastewater treatment plant, cleaning the wastewater ensuring a healthy and safe environment for the citizens of Cantemir.

ANRE (National Agency for Energy Regulation) has approved a very small tariff increase. The tariff increase planned by ACC, which should be approved by the city council, means an increase in the water tariff by 27% and the wastewater tariff by 20% for household customers, considering that the tariff has not been changed for 13 years. Cantemir City Hall and Î.M. Water Canal Cantemir need the support of all citizens (including every indifferent political adviser) to ensure that the new system will sustainably serve the people of Cantemir. We must take responsibility for our external partners who finance this project and keep what was built and is currently being built for the citizens of Cantemir.

Let’s change our lives for the better!